Loft Insulation

Putting the woolie hat on your home

One of the most effective ways of insulating your home is to put loft insulation within your attic.
CDC are the specialist to getting your loft fully insulated using the new non itch silicone based insulation, we can get your loft space covered within a couple of hours.

Allowing you to take advantage of keeping your home warmer when the temperature drops.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Getting that big jacket and putting it around your home

One of the most effective ways to insulate your home is to fill the void within your walls, designed to keep the moisture out and the heat in, the only draw back is that the thermal transfer is a drawback.

with our insulation we can fill that gap keeping the thermal transfer to a minimum whilst maintaining the design of keeping the moisture out.

Solid Wall Insulation

Benefit from a new home insulation technology

For those who do not have a cavity within their walls, we are able to offer you a new service of where we can clad the outside of your walls with a blanket.

Designed to minimise the thermal transfer from your home, the blanket will even help to keep moisture out.

Loft Boarding

Going back to storage

Once we have filled your loft with all the insulation, you are going to need a space to store all the things you had up there, but you don't want them back the in the house, besides, that is why it was all up there.

CDC can raise your joists above the newly laid insulation and re-board above it, allowing you to put all that stuff you want out the way back up there.